Celebrities Who Don’t Seem to Age

Some celebrities are too good at looking much younger, like Jennifer Anniston who has a skincare routine that helps her look as stunning as she did years ago. We wonder what helps the other celebs who seem to have stopped aging in the early 2000s and look almost like they did back then.

1. Jared Leto


Nothing has changed in Jared appearance during these 11 years .Also if you check his beard now the gray hear have been removed.

2. Victoria Beckham


Victoria look much better in the second photo .It looks that she doesn’t age .

3. Jennifer Lopez


JL is well know for her beauty .14 years difference between the two photos and she looks great .Pretty sure that the time has stopped for her and she doesn’t get aged .

4. Tyson Beckford


After 17 years Tyson has the same good looking appearance .Both photos look almost identical

5. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer is 50 years old and she look totally amazing.Both photos have 5 years of difference and Jennifer looks the same on both photos.

6. Eva Longoria


What do you think about Eva ?After 10 years from the first photo i think that she looks much better now .On both photos she has the same amazing smile but in the second photo she looks much better

7. Reese Witherspoon


Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur . 13 years apart from the photos and you can spot only some small changes .

8. Halle Berry


Halle Berry has made lots of changes during these 13 years old .And these changes have transformed her into a Diva .Halle looks much better now . You might remember Halle from the famous movie of Cat Women .

9. Sandra Bullock


How about Sandra?We are used to see Sandra in lots of movies and she always look perfect.During these 13 years Sandra has made small changed in appearance and now at the age of 55 she looks even prettier than before.

10. Naomi Campbell


How about Naomi.Both photos have been taken apart in a period of 9 years. Naomi like other celebrities was able to change her appearance for better.

People Who Wanted to Party Like Rock Stars, and Did

Trying to figure out the course of last night’s events by using pics on your phone, finding caring notes to your morning self, and even discovering that you now have a new pet. These stories are an essential part of an epic night out! Even if sometimes, in the morning, you might be ashamed of what happened.

1. Looks like I lost my earrings yesterday. Oh wait, here they are.


Not the safest place for your earrings but at least you found them.Always place your jewelry in a safe place

2. “This morning, my fiancé showed me this picture from last night.


And here is a photo of the banana phone 🙂 . Lol this guy is getting frustrated because the dog doesn’t want to answer to the banana phone

3. “Woke up the next morning and found this picture on my phone.”


Looks like the boys were having fun , totally a great photo to start the day with a smile .

4. On the train, on the way home from Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest is a traditional celebration in Germany where people from all over the world travel to Germany to addend this celebration .It looks like these boys have been drinking a couple of beers.

5. Some people have way too much money and time on their hands.


We should show some respect for the money but this person has gone too far .There are 40 dollars in that glass .

6. His past self put shoes in the refrigerator, so that in the morning he could definitely find them, genius!


Fridge is the safest place to put the things that you don’t want to forget.This is also a good idea to keep your shoes fresh for the summer days .

7. When you’re the first one to fall asleep at the party:


If you fall asleep at the party lots of things might happen .Your friends will start to mess with your face and your hair .

8. When you just can’t find a fork, make it from a clothes hanger.


After the party everyone has some chances to become a genius , this guy went to far and he used his clothes hanger as a fork

9. “Boyfriend came home from a party late last night, I woke up to this…”


That is the right way to charge your phone , congratulations dude keep it like this .

Embarrassing Things We Shouldn’t Do in Other Countries

The old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” still holds true everywhere. When you are traveling abroad, you do your due diligence and figure out all the “do’s and don’ts” of the country you’re visiting. But, it is more crucial to know the don’ts, since that knowledge will keep you away from any controversies and embarrassments and will keep you on the safer side.

1. Tipping in Japan


Tipping in Japan is considered rude.In some restaurants and bars you will find it mentioned that you shouldn’t tip

2. Splitting the bills in France


It is considered unsophisticated when it comes to splitting the bill in France. This is because they don’t like to talk about money at all. However, if you have a larger group, you can surely decide to split the bill among everyone.

It is considered unsophisticated when it comes to splitting the bill in France. This is because they don’t like to talk about money at all. However, if you have a larger group, you can surely decide to split the bill among everyone.

3. Waving at anyone in Greece


It is considered insulting if you wave in Greece . So you should never wave to someone if you travel to Greece.

4. Touching a person of the opposite gender in India


If you travel in India you should never touch the opposite gender .It is very dangerous and you might find yourself into troubles .

5. Taking pictures without consent in the UAE

This is considered a crime, according to the cyber laws of the country. It may land you in prison for up to 6 months and cost you a hefty fine, up to 500,000 AED ($136,130), especially if you post the pictures on social media.

6. Jumping the line in Australia


If you find yourself in Australia , you should always wait your turn .If you try to don’t wait for your turn it is considered insulting.

7. Giving the OK hand gesture in Turkey


Turkey is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit , but be carefully not to give the OK gesture in public because for the Turkish people that is really insulting .

8. Nodding and shaking your head in Bulgaria and Albania


Shaking your head in different countries means different things . Shaking your head in Bulgaria and Albania means no while the entire world use that gesture to say yes .

Best Dedicated Hosting Services

  1. Bluehost is like a good reliable friend – it’s been in the industry for a long time and never fails to deliver what they have promised. You’ll get excellent uptime and impressive speed. What’s best about Bluehost is their low-tier initial pricing of $79.99/mo. You can’t really go wrong with Bluehost, especially if your budget is limited.

The only downside is that their low price is only available for a long-term commitment (3 years).

2. HostGator – Reliable and Well-Known Host

HostGator is another well-established player in the field. They have a huge customer base and they know exactly what they’re doing. HostGator is definitely also your most reliable host. They come with a fairly good features-to-pricing ratio.

However, the only downside is that their sites can be a bit slow compared to the competition nowadays.

3. A2 Hosting – Best Speed

Even though A2 is somewhat less known than some other hosts above, they are a fierce competitor. With lightning-fast speeds, decent uptime, good features with good prices, you’d easily be happy with them.

The downside? Besides their supreme speeds, they are only slightly above average in everything else. Also, we weren’t exactly thrilled to find out that cPanel is not included in their price plans as most people need one to set up their site.

Uptime & Speed

Why use a dedicated SMTP server

Many marketers still think that to make their recipients get a bulk email – a newsletter, for instance – they can rely on a common, free SMTP server. Well, it’s a big mistake. There are three main reasons why it’s imperative to use a dedicated SMTP server when it comes to email marketing:

  1. A normal SMTP server – like the one associated to a common email provider such as Gmail – has two big limitations: first of all, it doesn’t allow you to send more than a certain number of emails (or to treat manage more than a certain number of recipients) per day. Secondly, not being designed for bulk mailings, it cannot guarantee a good deliverability – that is, your messages will always run the risk to be rejected by antispam filters and ISPs. On the contrary, a dedicated outgoing server like turboSMTP will let you send unlimited emails ensuring you the highest delivery rate.
  2. A professional SMTP service generally comes with some advanced tools to analyze your email campaign, getting useful stats like the bounce rate, the open rate, the click-through rate etc.
  3. If you run into a technical issue – either a typical SMTP error or anything more serious – a good, dedicated SMTP server will provide you a customer support to help you solve it quickly and make sure that all your emails correctly reach the inbox. (turboSMTP, in particular, offers a 24/7 support).

So, if you are managing an email campaign or simply need to send a mass message once, it’s definitely time to switch to a professional service.

You can try turboSMTP subscribing now and getting 6.000 free emails per month, forever. For all clients with very large mailing needs (that is, more than 100.000 emails/month), turboSMTP gives the possibility to get a dedicated IP to make even safer your email campaign.

Bulk email server

What’s a bulk email server? Very good question.

When it comes to send mass emails, such as a transactional message (a welcome email, a receipt confirmation etc.) or a marketing one, it’s essential to rely on a professional bulk email server – that is, a dedicated SMTP server like turboSMTP.

To put it straight, if you don’t get such a bulk email service, a large part of your emails will not get delivered.

In fact, any “normal” outgoing mail server like the ones you get with common email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) cannot support mass mailings; and that is also why their quantity of recipients and messages that can be handled per day is limited.

And no matter how you try to avoid that – for instance dividing your list into smaller chunks – you won’t ever make the most of your bulk message campaign. In fact, you will lose the great chance of a proper email marketing strategy.

On the contrary, turboSMTP is strictly designed to support bulk mailing, ensuring that all your messages will get to the intended inboxes – no matter how many.

Plus, turboSMTP comes also with a full set of tracking tools that will help you understand the efficiency of your campaign and improve it.

You can get immediately 6000 free emails/month lifetime and then in case upgrade according to your mailing needs.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting

What Is WordPress Hosting?

In the purest sense, WordPress web hosting is a host that’s been optimized to run WordPress. The additional features offered will vary depending on the type of WordPress hosting you go with. But, generally it’ll be equipped with features like one-click-install, so you can quickly install WordPress on your site, or automatic updates to the WordPress core.

Generally, WordPress hosting will have support staff that’s better versed in WordPress-related technical issues than your standard hosting staff.

Keep in mind that WordPress hosting is not a requirement if you want to run WordPress. You can run WordPress on almost any style of host as the requirements to run WordPress are quite minimal.

In fact, the only technical requirements support for running WordPress include MySQL 5.0.15 or higher and PHP 5.2.4 or higher. However, just because you can run WordPress on technically any host doesn’t mean you should. A WordPress host will help you get the most out of your website and offer you greater levels of performance across the board.

The Different Types of WordPress Hosting Available

Above you learned that any kind of hosting solution can technically be WordPress hosting, once you install WordPress. However, actual WordPress hosting is a specific type of hosting environment that’s been optimized to help WordPress run better.

Here are the most common types of WordPress hosting that you’ll find.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting you’ll be able to find. Think of it as a step up from traditional shared hosting in that it’s optimized specifically for WordPress.

Still, with a shared WordPress hosting solution, you’ll be sharing server resources with other websites. This sharing of the web server environment is what helps to keep costs low.

The web server you’re sharing will still be optimized for WordPress though, so you will get improved performance over a traditional shared server.

Other common features you’ll find in traditional WordPress hosting include the ability to use a one-click WordPress installer, so you can install WordPress in a couple of minutes. Some hosts will even give you the ability to pre-install WordPress the moment you sign up for hosting.

Other features you may find include automatic updates to the WordPress core, along with your themes and plugins, and of course, a knowledgeable support team.

Any other WordPress-related features included in your package will be host specific.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress sites enjoy one of the highest levels of hosting available for WordPress sites. Managed WordPress hosting takes the stress out of hosting and managing your site, as you’ll have a team of WordPress experts behind you every step of the way.

Typically, managed WordPress hosting will utilize a dedicated server. However it can also be configured with VPS hostingcloud hosting, or even a shared server environment. The exact type of server specifications depends upon the hosting provider you end up choosing. Most often you’ll find that managed WordPress hosts utilize dedicated servers, so that gives you more control over server setup and scalability.

HostGator VPS Hosting Review

The VPS web hosting services provided by HostGator are among the most trusted in the industry. As a web host that has been continually committed to improving their services, these guys have really stayed on top of their game when it comes to delivering the best possible experience to users.

Recently, HostGator changed many of the features and capabilities provided through their VPS hosting services. Most of these changes were aimed to give users the most customizable experience possible. They have five different VPS plans to choose from, each offering varying levels of hardware and software features.

Let’s take a look into some of the most relevant and commonly asked questions associated with HostGator’s VPS Hosting plans:

What Type of Hardware is Included With VPS Hosting Plans?

The hardware included varies quite a bit depending on the specific plan that you go with. The most basic option, the Snappy 500 plan, includes a 0.5 core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 25GB of disk space, and 0.5TB of bandwidth. The Snappy 1000 package includes a 1.0 core CPU, 1000MB of RAM, 60GB of disk space, and 1TB of bandwidth.

The Snappy 2000 plan comes with a 2.0 core CPU, 2000MB of RAM, 120GB of disk space, and 1.5TB of bandwidth. The Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000 plans offer the highest levels of hardware features and are generally designated for corporations and large organizations.

The hardware features for the Snappy 4000 plan are a 2.0 core CPU, 4000MB of RAM, 165GB of disk space, and 2TB of bandwidth. For the Snappy 8000 package, you receive a 4.0 core CPU, 8000MB of RAM, 240GB of disk space, and 3TB of bandwidth.

Liquid Web – Best “Fully Managed” Dedicated Server

The natural top choice for high-caliber hosting and support, Liquid Web is a titan in the industry when it comes to managed services and reliability. The company touts a 100% uptime guarantee, and the upgraded server specs are among the best you’ll find. Liquid Web’s dedicated servers come in single- or dual-CPU configurations, plus a variety of operating systems, control panels, and add-ons.

  • Storage: 480GB – 2TB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 5 – 15TB
  • RAM: 32 – 128GB
  • Processors: 4 cores, 3.9GHz to 16 cores, 3.7GHz
  • Control panels: cPanel, Plesk, or InterWorx
  • Operating systems: CentOS, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, or Windows
  • Dedicated IP: 1

We love that most plans include at least 1TB of backup or additional storage, as well as real-time monitoring, PCI compliance scans, DDoS protection, and vulnerability assessments. In addition to the typical 24/7 available support, Liquid Web promises you’ll get a response from a qualified representative within 59 seconds via phone or live chat, and within 59 minutes for helpdesk tickets. With more than 1 million websites currently under management and industry-leading customer loyalty rates, Liquid Web is a no-brainer choice when it comes to finding hosting for your high-traffic website or application.

Bluehost dedicated server hosting

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service with powerful and flexible plans, and their dedicated hosting plans follow the same principle.

The pricing starts with the Standard plan which is priced at $73.99 (£61.85 for UK) per month for the first term, $119.99 (£98.64 for UK) per month afterward. The plans might be a bit more expensive compared to rivals but they sure don’t lack the features. For the Standard plan you get 4 cores at 2.3 GHz, 500GB of storage, 4GB RAM, 5TB bandwidth and 3 IP addresses. Free domain and SSL certificate are also included.

In addition, there are plenty of advanced features too, like multi-server management, secure shell (SSH) access, custom-designed database manager and more. For users that want more, they have the option to upgrade to a faster CPU, more storage, more bandwidth and pretty much more of everything.

Some optional features are also available, so if you want domain privacy and protection, SiteLock or spam protection you can get those as well.

Bluehost is a capable hosting provider with 24/7 support so you can call for help any time you need it. If by any chance you’re not satisfied with the service, Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.