Best Dedicated Hosting Services

  1. Bluehost is like a good reliable friend – it’s been in the industry for a long time and never fails to deliver what they have promised. You’ll get excellent uptime and impressive speed. What’s best about Bluehost is their low-tier initial pricing of $79.99/mo. You can’t really go wrong with Bluehost, especially if your budget is limited.

The only downside is that their low price is only available for a long-term commitment (3 years).

2. HostGator – Reliable and Well-Known Host

HostGator is another well-established player in the field. They have a huge customer base and they know exactly what they’re doing. HostGator is definitely also your most reliable host. They come with a fairly good features-to-pricing ratio.

However, the only downside is that their sites can be a bit slow compared to the competition nowadays.

3. A2 Hosting – Best Speed

Even though A2 is somewhat less known than some other hosts above, they are a fierce competitor. With lightning-fast speeds, decent uptime, good features with good prices, you’d easily be happy with them.

The downside? Besides their supreme speeds, they are only slightly above average in everything else. Also, we weren’t exactly thrilled to find out that cPanel is not included in their price plans as most people need one to set up their site.

Uptime & Speed